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How Inflation Impacts Your Retirement Plan

While inflation impacts everyone, retirees and pre-retirees can especially feel the effects when the money they are relying on to live comfortably for 20 or 30 years suddenly is not so secure. They would fear running out of money since their income is fixed while living expenses are rising. Inflation is always and everywhere more than simply an increase in prices; it’s fundamentally a conflict over the distribution of income and wealth.

Read the rest of the newsletter and let us help you understand how inflation can impact your retirement savings and what you can do to mitigate its risk.

Inclusion In The Workplace

Inclusivity is very essential in our lives: without it, we are vulnerable to having poor mental health and experiencing feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Our healthy self-worth and self-esteem are tied to feeling included in a group or community. When we experience exclusion, especially at social entities like workplace, we tend to feel sad, unmotivated, depressed and we underperform. Therefore, employers should embed inclusive leadership into their business strategy, taking care of the health and wellbeing of their employees.

Read our latest newsletter and learn how you can effectively build an inclusive work environment for your employees.

Will Preparation & Estate Planning


Will preparation could be an overwhelming task considering the rules and requirements that need to be obeyed accordingly. Nonetheless, planning ahead with respect to your personal affairs (will creation or estate planning) can save problems and expenses for your family in the future.

Not sure where to start? Read our newsletter and let us guide you through the process of will preparation, validation, and the planning of your estates.

Four Tips To Manage Your Mental Health & Wellbeing During COVID-19

It is undoubtedly, the pandemic had left some severe impacts on our lives and health. But there is always hope! If you suffer from anxiety, depression, substance use, and having difficult thoughts, here are some proven techniques and strategies that can help you recover and support your mental health:

• Physical Exercise
• Mindful Exercise
• Facilitate a balance between your work at home and your personal Life
• Take advantage of your Employee & Family Assistance (EFAP) program

Financial Knowledge & Financially Secure Life

Many people find controlling their finances to be a series of complicated tasks, so they pay less attention or sometimes avoid it. There are many reasons for this, and human behavior can play a role. The good news is that anyone can work on having more financial knowledge by being open to learning new things. In this issue, we review with you some of the top 6 steps to make progress towards achieving your financial freedom.
1. Budgeting & Being Aware of Spending
2. Debt
3. Investment
4. Creating a will and your estate
5. Insurance
6. Retirement Planning

The Benefits Of Online Registration

Your Group Benefits plan plays a vital role in your and your family’s overall health and wellbeing. You should have easy access to your benefits whenever you need them. Online registration to your plan helps you access your coverage easily and better manage your information.

In this issue, you will find information that helps you with navigating through your insurance carrier membership account and how to access your account balances, claims, reimbursements, bank information, and health care providers near you.

How to Successfully Manage Financial Stress During COVID-19

Not sure if you will be able to pay your hydro bill next month? Does seeing your co-workers, friends and family losing their jobs due to the pandemic give you sleepless nights and put extra pressure on your body and soul?

Money problems are a heavy burden to bear, especially when there’s not enough of it. Financial stress- now increased by the COVID-19 pandemic, deepens the stress level and leads to other mental health problems such as anxiety and depression in many Canadians.

In this issue, you will find helpful information on how you can overcome financial stress and be more at peace.

An Overlooked but Essential Piece Of The Puzzle

Critical Illness Insurance

Perhaps you know, the rates of cancer diagnosis, incidences of stroke and heart disease are increasing among Canadians. However, there is a common misconception that provincial health plans will pay for everything when dealing with serious illnesses. 

Critical Illness Insurance is here to give financial confidence to you and your dependents for unexpected illnesses such as life-threatening Cancer, Heart attack, Kidney failure, Multiple sclerosis, Paralysis, Stroke and more.

Please check our latest newsletter and learn more about how Critical Illness insurance can give peace of mind!

We also recommend you to read about the cancer recovery story of our Vice President Ida Calla and our very good associate Shannon Hamilton.

Golden Rules Of Investing

Corona Virus & Your Retirement Savings

COVID-19 has taught us that things can change very quickly, and financial markets will respond and react accordingly. We need to be ready for more turbulent times ahead. Click and learn how to remain calm when the storm arrives.

6 Steps to a Perfectly Insured Trip

The Pharmacy Compass

In this issue, we talked about two topics;

  • 6 Steps to a Perfectly Insured Trip: Avoid Nasty Surprises with Your Group Benefits Plan
  • The Pharmacy Compass: A Smart Shopping Tool Saves You Money On Your Medication

The Crime of the 21st Century

Financial Elder Abuse

Vancity`s 2014 and 2017 reports on Financial Abuse in Lower Mainland and Capital Region revealed more that than a third of the senior population, who are over the age of 65 had been a victim some form of financial abuse.

It is an embarrassing situation and mostly happens at the hands of that senior’s adult children or grandchildren. So, why the numbers are so high? Perhaps it is hard to identify?

Important Dates for Arthritis and Diabetes Patients as BC Is Switching to ‘Biosimilar’ Drugs

Biosimilar drugs are just as safe and effective as their originator biologic counterparts. The British Columbia government announced on May 27, 2019, that BC PharmaCare is requiring that patients taking three biologic drugs – Enbrel®, Remicade®, and Lantus® – transition to biosimilars. The shift to biosimilars is expected to save $96M over the first three years – as well as use the savings to add other new and/or expensive drugs to the PharmaCare formulary.

Retiring Unexpectedly? Here’s How Your Advisor Can Help

For most of our working lives, retirement can feel like a distant dream. But a sudden and unexpected change in the latter stages of your career can mean that, ready or not, your retirement is happening right now. The thought of retiring before you had planned to can be dismaying. But don’t panic: book an appointment with your advisor and ask them a few key questions…

Managing “Medical & Recreational Cannabis” in Your Workplace

On 17 October 2018, cannabis was legalized in Canada for recreational purposes, and no doubt managing cannabis in the workplace is going to be on employer`s minds as we look towards 2019.

Making Saving Easy & Affordable:

Dollar-Cost Averaging

Many people believe that they need a large sum of money to start investing. Even if you don`t have that kind of money and looking for a disciplined saving strategy, perhaps dollar-cost averaging might be the right strategy for your retirement plans.

Understanding The Risks ” Type 2 Diabetes”

Do you, a friend, or a family member struggle with diabetes? Especially Type 2 diabetes depends on a combination of risk factors such as genetics and lifestyle. You can`t change the genetic risk factors; however, you can do control the risk factors associated with your lifestyle.

Getting Ready For Retirement Like an

“Olympic Athlete”

Are you approaching or have recently begun investing for your retirement? Thinking about what your financial future might look like during your retirement years?
Setting realistic financial goals and building an effective retirement strategy are positive practices at every stage of our lives to maintain our lifestyle after our working years.

How to Register and Submit Claims via Online Services

Today, insurance companies are continually investing additional resources in improving their customer experience, and in providing the most user-friendly claim systems available for all types of clients.

If you are:
• a new employee joining to the team,
• an employee who didn’t have time to register to online services or
• an employee who needs assistance with the registration, please keep reading this issue to learn how to register and navigate through Sun Life Financial`s mysunlife.ca; and Great-West Life`s GroupNet systems.

Many Natural Disasters Arrive Without Warning, So Be Prepared:

Emergency Preparedness

We cannot shy away from what may happen because disasters can occur at any time with little to no warning. However, we can remind ourselves that we are not immune to them. It is never too late to prepare!

 6 Steps to a Perfectly Insured Trip &

Filing Prescriptions Through the Mail

In this issue, we talked about two topics;

  • 6 Steps to a Perfectly Insured Trip: Avoid Nasty Surprises with Your Group Benefits Plan
  • My Plan Has an Option for Filling My Prescriptions Through the Mail. It Seems Convenient But Is It Safe?

The Importance and Strategic Value of Having a Group Retirement Plan

In this issue, we talked about;

  • Why Employees and Employers Should Be Talking About Well-structured Retirement Plans
  • Why Majority Of Private Canadian Companies Are Hesitant To Offer Retirement Plans

Utilizing Our Healthy Lifestyle in a Fun & Engaging Way: Gamification

In this issue, we talked about;

  • How Gamification can help us to improve our Health, and build Strong Family Dynamics
  • How companies leverage from Gamification and improve Employee Happiness, Health, and Productivity.

How the Latest CPP Changes Will Affect the Economy, Small to Midsize Businesses, and Your Financial Plans

In this issue, we talked about;

  • The reasons for CPP expansion,
  • Common misunderstandings about CPP changes,
  • Who is going to benefit the most from CPP changes,
  • How the CPP changes will affect your income, the economy, and employment.

How Millenials Reshape Our Workplace and Benefit Programs

In this issue, we talked about how Millennials are transforming company benefit plans, what they want from companies and what kind of health problems they are dealing with.

Employee Assistance Programs:

Facts with Numbers

In this issue, we talked about the Return on Investment for Employee Assistance Programs and how Employees and Companies can Benefit from it.

Presenteeism In the Workplace

In this issue, we discussed Presenteeism and Millennials in the workplace.

Flu Season is Here Again!

In this issue, we discussed the upcoming flu season and how to prepare for a major emergency.

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