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6 Steps to a Perfectly Insured Trip

“6 Steps To a Perfectly Insured Trip” is originally published on Benefits by Design`s Blog

Are the long cold months of winter making you think of sunnier destinations? With March Break  fast approaching, many of our thoughts turn to tropical vacations.


Whether you are planning on seeking the sun and the sand or experiencing winter at its finest, you should make sure you’re adequately covered for traveling.

Here are 6 steps to make sure your holiday is as safe as possible;

“If you don’t have insurance and you find yourself
in a hospital bed, it’s too late to purchase.

Step 1 : Make sure you have travel coverage

Do you have group benefits through your workplace? Consult your benefit booklet for information or check with your group plan administrator about your travel coverage. Most work policies offer basic coverage but do not offer coverage for things like Trip Cancellation or Baggage Insurance.

Step 2: Choose your destination carefully

Did you know not all countries are considered safe to travel to? Before you travel, make sure that you are going to a country that is safe. The government of Canada updates their travel advisory website regularly https://travel.gc.ca/travelling/advisories

Most carriers also have a clause in their travel policy to suspend or limit services in areas of political/civil unrest, riot, military uprising, and various other major disturbances. If you must visit a high risk country, ask the questions of your travel provider beforehand to know what coverage, if any you will have.

Step 3: Review your policy

Take a moment and read over what is covered under your travel policy. A little prior knowledge goes a long way in the event of an emergency. 

Step 4: Know your restrictions

Have a pre-existing medical condition? It’s good to know what your particular travel plan will cover in the event of an emergency. The majority of group plans have some pre-existing medical condition clause written into their policy.

Step 5: Know your policy number & carrier contact information

In the event something happens to you, it is good to know your travel policy number and carrier contact information. It’s also a good idea to share this information with any individuals travelling with you. The sooner a case file can get opened, the sooner the carrier can be helping to facilitate

No Group Benefits Plan?

No Problem!

If you do not have insurance
coverage through your work,
we’d be happy to put you in
touch with an advisor to quote
individual policies.

Step 6: Have fun

It is important though to make sure you and your family members are covered, and know what you are covered for. Be safe – don’t be sorry and out of a lot of money. Travel insurance is added peace of mind, so you can fully enjoy your travels.

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