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The Benefits Of Online Registration

The Benefits Of Online Registration

The Benefits Of Online Registration

Accessibility & Your Benefits Coverage

Dear Plan Members,

Your Group Benefits plan plays a vital role in your and your family’s overall health and wellbeing. You should have easy access to your benefits whenever you need them. Online registration to your plan helps you access your coverage easily and better manage your

Registering online can help you with;
  • Submitting health claims efficiently; saving
    significant time.
  • Learning about your plan coverage; viewing
    benefits details and balances.
  • Receiving claims reimbursements faster -when you sign up for a direct deposit.
  • Getting immediate notifications of your claim’s updates.
  • Getting a digital health card for your coverage plan.
  • Accessing nearest healthcare providers and practitioners listed on your plan.
Find Information on Your Coverage Plan and Balances
Not sure when was the last time you had an eye exam? You can view your benefits details, balances, claims statements, medical, vision and dental claims history conveniently.
With your online account, you can check if a specific drug is covered, select a medical expense type to see details of your coverage or enter a dental procedure code from your dentist to check if it is covered under your plan.
Submit Claims

You can submit your health claims instantly and conveniently through your online account while saving time and paper.
Go to your insurance carrier’s website. After few easy registration steps, you will be ready to submit your claims and get access to your claim statement right away. Even more conveniently, you can access and view your completed health claims, claims statements, claims in process, claim estimates, your Medical and Dental claim summaries, and your drug summary. For more information on registering Sunlife and Canada life Online Services, check out our previous publication by clicking this link.

Signing Up for Direct Deposit

Receiving claim payments quickly is always a plus!
You can sign up for direct deposit with your bank account and enjoy getting your reimbursements faster. Register your bank information and follow the steps for an easy, quick, and environmentally friendly way of receiving payments.

Receive Notifications

Receive text messages and email notifications when claims statement has been updated. Almost instantly, you will be notified via email or text when your claim payment has been deposited into your account.

Your Digital Health Card

Did you lose your health card? Or perhaps, it got damaged? You can view, save, and print your benefits cards quickly and confidentially at your home. Save on plastic cards and enjoy an environmentally friendly way of accessing your benefit plan. Don’t have a printer at home? That is not a problem!
You can sign in to your account via your mobile phone, select your card, and then save it on your Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

Locate the Nearest HealthCare Provider

You can locate the nearest healthcare providers, learn their contact information, working hours and services conveniently. You can also find out if they have the option of a direct claim so that they can submit your claim on your behalf for your convenience.
You can further speed up the reimbursement process by having your health provider’s office submit the claim for you. Just show them your health card or digital card (on your phone), and they can take care of the rest.

How to Download the App From the App Store?

Submitting claims and making contributions are even made more accessible with your insurance carrier’s mobile app. Download your insurance carrier’s mobile application and enjoy navigating through your plan details, balances, claim statement and much more quickly.

Canada Life Plan Members – Download GroupNet

Apple http://ow.ly/981W50EnIhc
Android http://ow.ly/AIWz50Eumgw

CINUP Plan Members – Download my benefits

Apple http://ow.ly/2woq50EnIxf
Android http://ow.ly/xMqG50EnIAo

Victor Plan Members- Download Victor Now

Apple http://ow.ly/h3Dy50EoGDx
Android http://ow.ly/RU9I50EoGRL

Manulife Plan Members – Download Manulife Mobile

Apple http://ow.ly/B2Ih50EoFQO
Android http://ow.ly/RxoV50EoFVx

SunLife Plan Members – Download my Sun Life

Apple http://ow.ly/LzyV50EnId2
Android http://ow.ly/Ut8450EnIaM

Helpful Resources

Online registration allows you an easy, quick, and convenient way to access your health benefits plan and coverage details whenever and wherever you need it.

To learn more about your insurance carrier online registration info, please visits the links below:

For SunLife Plan Members

Online Registration Form http://ow.ly/mpIS50EoHTo
How to register online with Sunlife? http://ow.ly/qqnr50EoHUp

For CanadaLife Plan Members

Online Registration Form  https://my.canadalife.com/register

How to register online with Group Net (Canada Life) http://ow.ly/aHb050EoHWc

For CINUP Plan Members

Online Registration Form https://www.my-benefits.ca/#/sign-up/employee/certificate

For Victor Plan Members (Green Shield)

Online Registration Form https://groupbenefits.ca.victorinsurance.com/

For Manulife

Online Registration Form http://ow.ly/JmET50EoFDf

For Benefits By Design Plan Members

Insurance carrier website https://www.bbd.ca/

For ICBA Plan Members

Insurance carrier website https://www.icbabenefits.ca/

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