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Value Added Services

  • Group Insurance: Extended Health, Dental, Short-Term Disability, and Long Term Disability, with the integration of Government Programs.
  • Claims Experience Reporting: We’ll provide you with regular updates and communication regarding your organization’s claims experience. Renewals will never be a surprize.
  • Tax Exemption for Registered Pension Plans: Careful and blanket adherence to tax exemption rights where they exist currently and historically for Status people.
  • Life and Critical Illness Insurance: Customized and personalized group and individual Life Insurance and Critical Illness protection.
  • Chief and Council Coverage: Travel/Accident and life insurance for Chiefs and Councillors who take time from their careers and lives to serve their people.
  • Funding Services: Band Employee Benefits (BEB), Band Support Funding (BSF) and Tribal Council Funding (TCF) application services to maximize your entitlement to funding sources from INAC.
  • Annual Information Returns: AIR filing program for OSFI and FICOM plans when Administrators need seamless, quick and painless filing assistance.
  • Financial Advice: Licensed Financial Advisors are readily available to help your employees navigate investment risk tolerance and portfolio allocation. Retirement income planning assistance for those approaching retirement.
  • Terminated Employee and Retiree Services: Our services extend to those that have left your organization. If your former employees require benefit plan conversion services and retirement plan transfers, our Advisors specialize in serving their needs.