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Providing Health and Financial Wellness to First Nations

First Nations Totem

Eagle Bay Financial Services’ mission is to support the health, wellness and balance of First Nations communities, organizations and individuals by providing the best possible employee benefit and retirement products available in the Canadian marketplace. We present all proposals to our clients without preference regardless of which insurer or retirement provider is involved and represent our clients’ best interests above all else. Our team delivers uncompromising value and customer service while respecting the customs and culture of the First Nations people we serve.

Our Story

Servicing First Nations since 2002

Founded by Nick Calla, Eagle Bay Financial Services Ltd. is an Aboriginally owned and operated independent advisor agency located in British Columbia. We specialize in First Nations employee benefit plans and retirement plans and have been providing uncompromising and exceptional service to our First Nations clients since 2002.

We have a deep understanding of First Nations culture and traditions and represent your best interest with all of Canada’s leading insurers and retirement providers. We offer customized plans that meet your First Nations organizations` needs and budget.

You have a choice in who represents you. Contact us today and experience the Eagle Bay difference!

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How we help our clients

Cost Management

Inflation Control

Claims Management

Provider Analysis

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IMF Pricing

Risk Management

Retention Risk

Attraction Risk

Health Risk

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CAP Guidelines

Attraction and Retention

We know that employers understand they have a significant investment in their people and programs; we strive to ensure our clients maximize this investment.

Eagle Bay Financial Services Ltd. has earned a strong reputation for knowledge, integrity, and delivery for First Nation Benefits. This is earned from the trust and respect of clients, providers and colleagues. Insurance and pension providers consider Eagle Bay Financial Services Ltd. as experts, specializing in the First Nations aspect of the products and services we provide, thus making the delivery of services through our organization “trouble free”.

We know that employers understand they have a significant investment in their people and programs; we strive to ensure our clients maximize this investment. 

We view benefit programs as significant components of a successful HR strategy, which in turn are vital elements of a corporate strategy.

Change is constant. Virtually every organization is in some form of transition. Growth, downsizing, new markets, new products, new competitors, new technology and new demographics are just some of the issues organizations face today. We’ll make sure to give you the most updated information to help you make decisions that best suit your organizational needs as they change and evolve.